Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Glitter n All things shiny

Im a bit of a magpie..loving all that sparkles!. So Glitter is an occassional hazard but a good thing in the right places and the right doses!

The first thing with glitter is that it really is hard to get off! So think carefully before you embark on all things glittery!
Top tip to remove....plasters. Olive oil is great too so that you can slide off the glitter and nourish the skin in the same sweep.

If you like the effect of subtle 'selfish fairylights' along the root of your lashes you can't beat Jemma Kidd Make Up School Topaz glitter liner. Its a gorgeous taupe truffle shade with multicoloured micro sparkles. Grown up glitter. Done and sparkled.

Silver screen mascara[3 shades] by JK at Asos.com has a handy screw thread wand to allow you to slide the lash through the glitter and the fine tip brush on the end of the same wand allows you to create a sweep along lashline. Multipurpose tool. Lovin' it. Investigate this one as the wand/brush combo is quite special.

Being artistic and you want to create your own glitter liner? MAC Pro Mixing medium Liner from the PRO stores allows you to paint a thin line and press loose glitter along the wet edge you create. Gorgeous. Ben Nye Black glitter along a black liner is quite the jet jewel edge for instant retro glamour.

Get sparkling.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Impressively Inglot @ Westfield Shopping Centre

Well I have done this make up game now for 20 years,so for me to get excited about a make-up brand is rare but today I was excited again about make up! Read on!

Today I went to review a relatively new UK brand 'Inglot' on the ground floor at Westfield Shopping Centre, London.[Wood Lane Tube station on the Hammersmith & City Line]. Recently many of my students had been experimenting with the brand so I went to explore.

Clearly the MAC comparisons are overt, tipping off the counters and visible but I would place the brand at a fusion of Make up Forerver, Sephora and MAC. It reminds me heavily of when MAC arived into the UK and no-one knew the name or the vision. So do we really need another one? Well yes for students who need to spend so much money on kits and building the security and confidence with colour.

This brand offers an AMAZING price point and student discount and professional discount intiatives will follow. I was truly impressed how much my money could buy here, and as an academic educator that is highly placed in my recommendation perspective. If this credit crunch climate has made this a harder than ever time to be a freelance make up artist then now is the time to shop smart. You can compromise fancy marketing brands and infamous brand names with creativity as long as the payoff delivers. This pigment level does!

The first impression is aesthetic, hygienic and impressive. Aesthetic and vibrant to the eye with a plethora of hues to excite the artistic palette. The palette I assembled was fun, innovative and I must say that both the make up artist friend with me and I found the pigment payoff of the shadows astounding and can clearly compete alongside MAC and Illamasqua confidently.

Genius was the fact that I could pick my shadows in a bespoke fashion and arrange them on a magnet palette before final confirmation of my purchase. My 10 pc palette was just £35.00 and the pigment payoff is amazing. I also picked up another bespoke 8 colour 'Freedom System palette' on offer at £18.00 which I love.

I would also say that though most of the staff clearly have english as a second language, thus give them a chance, my helper was great, clearly trying to work with me and suggested ideas and colours well. I had fun selecting my hues from an amazing choice. It was refreshing to look outside of the overt MAC box for colour once again. Now I like many of you truly love MAC but this brand is a firm keeper too!

I particularly loved the shadow palettes, matte lipstick pencil shades and gel liners.

In store ambience though is one aspect this brand has yet to perfect & master - but we will forgive that because that is built and learned and the products are great and the manageress was highly amiable and open to constructive viewpoint on how the shop can improve and serve the community of make up fans and students.

Let us also not forget that MAC Service is not consistently what it used to be in store, they get it wrong too on occassion.

If you haven't found this gem of a brand pop down and get discovering their amazing shadows. You. like I will be hooked my friend! Make up artists sign up for their discount card, make sure you take at least two credits/ professional ID to apply. :)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Working at speed proficiency on set

Recently on a big commercial beauty shoot I pondered how time for professional make up artists has diminished over the years on set as technologies and reliance on post production has overtaken professional skills. Progression of technology now versus artistry? Hours became minutes.
As production companies continue to cut the amount of time make up artists get to deliver their looks, it is vital that the next generation of training artists get to understand the value to working at speed with proficiency.

I am now traning my students to work to strict deadlines and time deliveries so that on set they are able to beat he clock and still deliver high technical standards. This is a vital development in professional make up artistry education.