Monday, 31 August 2009

Lashings of Mascara

OK so I don't know anyone who has found the ultimate mascara...but if you have let me know and for now Im liking Max Factor False Lash Effect.


Volumising: Builds the lashes to make them look fuller and thicker. In most cases the brush has dense bristles ensuring each individual eyelash is coated from root to tip.

Lasting Tint: Ultra lightweight, water-resistant lash colour that resists smudge or flake for up to 24 hours.

Lengthening: Extends the lashes making them look longer. Lengthening mascaras contain plastic polymers that cling just to the tips of the lashes to exaggerate the lash length.

Curling: Lifts and curls the lashes, making the eyes look more ‘wide-awake’. The brush may have multi-level bristles that helps create curlier looking lashes. The lash formula may set to ‘tighten’ the lash inducing a curl effect.

Defining: Separates the lashes giving them more definition. The effect to the lashes is more natural and subtle. Usually a stiffer brush or a comb with wide spaced bristles create definition and ensure separation of the lashes.

Glossy: Lifts, lengthens, and separates lashes. Lashes stay silky, pliant, clump free and flake free through multiple coats. Mascara applied evenly, ash root to tip.

Sensitive: Suitable for contact lens wearers or those with highly sensitive eyes. Formulated to be specifically non-irritating and may state Ophthalmologist approved or tested.

Waterproof: Formulated not to run in water, so ideal for water activities and bridal. Requires an oil based remover to ease removal of application.

High Definition: 2 in 1 style wand. Brush contains bristles and comb. Brush-side coats with dramatic, long-wearing colour. Comb-side separates to perfection. Transforms each and every lash with extreme length and definition.

Lash build Primer: Thickens and lengthens lashes. Conditions to make lashes stronger. Fortifies to extend mascara wear.

Clear: Transparent to set lash without colour. Can impart a glossy shine effect.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

V Magazine Pagan Poetry Issue V61

The girls of Women and Supreme star in a 96-page supplement to V61. Here's a first glimpse: the covers by Paul Rowland

US Vogue...Who would miss this issue

The September Issue - US Vogue. Don't miss it!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Hug a toad!

Septembers looking busy busy busy

Well its looking like September is going to be hectic as ever. Im teaching a 3 day Introduction to Glamour Make up, a 1 Week Basic course, a 3 day Bridal course as well as fitting in my birthday and London Fashion Week! Now I am a big advocate for experiencing all genres of make up artistry and as such I have invited the make up artists of ITN Newsroom who are fantastic to join me backstage at London Fashion Week. They are great make up artists in their own right but they have this sense that they have 'missed the boat' to try fashion. Well PAH! they will be backstage with me and we are going to have a blast! They are going to get their chance to do Fa[r]shion! I bet the News looks far more interesting when they have done the show! lol. Keep you posted. Always one to be organised, the make up has been designed, approved and fitting will be early september. Ok so I better enjoy the rest before the storm so to speak! Oh and on top of that a special visitor from the US is landing on our shores for a while. Its going to be a crazy month. All good. Bring it on!

Intelligent eyelining - make it simple and effective

The issue of water resistant Gel liner formulas.
Well firstly lets discuss some Pros and Cons:

[1] Dries so fast minimises smudges
[2] Water resistant finish and will last without smudges
[3] Will last through the day to evening with no retouch required
[4] Will not crack and flake like liquids tend to

[1] Dries quickly into the brush restricting line artistry
[2] If you do not return the cap the product will dry out
[3] Difficult to remove mistakes without effort.
[4] Not flattering on mature eyes

So what are we trying to achieve with an eyeliner? Really the core purpose is to define the lid, yet often if the line is poorly executed the line is distractive at best and poorly applied at worst. So how about a technique to technically define the eye perfectly every time?

Often when I'm teaching eyelining skills, students get so frustrated when they cannot achieve the perfect symmetrical line. [Well of course it doesn't help that the educator can do it and make it look effortless because they have years of experience on their side.] Its just a case of correct brush and a steady hand teamed up with practice.Well trust me even the most experienced of us can stil have bad liner days. Usually at the blame of coffee and caffeine wobbles ;). Generally a more stable brush is easier to control with a more firm synthetic bristle but experiment with different shapes until one seems controllable.MAC#263 or #266 seem the favourites amongst attendees at the school.

*Great trick*

A great way to define the upper eye line and enhance the lashes for a photographic finish [+ if you are not confident in your upper liner technique] is to apply the water resistant liner under the upper lashes. Makes lashes look fuller. It will dry and not transfer into the lower eyeline. [I would advise doing this and letting it dry before contact lense insertion for those of you who wear lenses]

[1] Look upward to position the upper lashes in the correct position
[2] Position your brush + gel liner under the lash and at the start of your natural lash growth
[3] Work from inner corner to outer edge under the upper lash along the lid edge
[4] Actually print the gel liner up onto the inner rim of the upper lid using a small detail brush such as a Jemma Kidd pro #1 or #2 or a MAC#263
[5] Repeat and strengthen colour for impact
[6] Black will be most dramatic but softer shades also are effective

Bobbi Brown was the original gel liner and is still one of my favourites although the MAC Fluidline is also good. Depends which specific shades you are looking for.
Black Mauve Shimmer Long wear gel liner by Bobbi Brown is my favourite a great universal shade that defines without overpowering the eye or make up. Really a great alternative to classical grey, black and brown.

A little less assuming yet cleverly defining. The definitive edge.

Give it a try!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Tarantino is back - Get ready!

Inglourious Basterds (named Inglourious Bastards in some UK advertising, or simply 'Inglourious' for censorship reasons) is the latest offering - an upcoming comedic war film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. It is scheduled for release on August 21, 2009 in North America. UK will be on a later scheduled release.

Ok I Love it,... Create a Moisture Surge

Epicuren • Hyaluronic Acid Gel

• This oil-free hydrator binds 10 times your skin’s natural moisture to maximize the benefits of your daily moisturizer.
• Plumps the skin and fills in fine lines.
• Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Gel. for stockists
Telephone: 01256 345605

Super Nude Attitude

OMG Revlon matte is a texture winner!
Beautifully rich matte color glides effortlessly across lips.
Suede-like, cushiony feel and with maximum color impact.
Beautifully rich shades from nude to deepest berry. If you haven't found these get shopping!Nude Attitude and Strawberry Suede are great shades for your kit!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Ultimate lashes?

Sod it! just cut them out...very Parisian chic ;)

Charles of the Ritz

Did you know...

In 1969 [the year I was born] the legendary makeup artist Way Bandy joined Charles of the Ritz as the salon director of makeup. Way Bandy was a legendary make up artist who was the key inspiration for Kevyn Aucoin some years later.Revlon finally shut down Charles of the Ritz in 2002.

Monday, 10 August 2009


Sensimacy. Sensuality + Intimacy. The intimation of a moment where your surroundings embrace your senses. An intimate, selfless indulgence. Embrace the art of the fragrant.

Once I chased an elusive scent. The scent of the last raindrop that was formed and crafted of natures temperemental outburst that falls from the skies. Curious. Odd. Unexpected. I am a lover of the scent of rain. Rain is my sensimacy.

I also once had a conversation with a remarkable visionary Frank Toskan [CoFounder of MAC Cosmetics] and he told me he was chasing a scent,, a scent of electricity. This caught my imagination immediately. How would electricity smell. Mixtures of earth and elemental fragments. An electrical storm dangerous between current and water. That is the scent in a MAC Product that they still make today. Go find it.

Something new on the Palette? What a discovery awaits u

Innovative store Palette London is an eclectic mix of vintage clothing and accessories, contemporary fashion, gifts, artworks, funky homeware and furniture.
Owner Mark Ellis has a simple rule, if the item is gorgeous, unusual and either vintage, modern or superbly designed he’ll stock it at Palette London. If that item fuses vintage and new elements – so much the better. Passionate about cutting-edge modern design and timeless quality, he’s put aside a successful career in marketing and launched Palette London so he can share that passion with like-minded customers.

A: 21 Canonbury Lane, Islington, London N1 2AS

M: multimap


T: 020-7288 7428

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Make up Techniques: Eye Openers

To make the eyes appear larger there are several techinques you can employ:

[1] Line the inside waterline with a flesh coloured eyeliner such as Jemma Kidd I Perfector which will eradicate the inner pinkness to the waterline and create a more open effect. Painterly MAC Paintpot also works brilliantly but this placement is not the true purpose of the product,however that never stops a make-up artist if the effect is warranted.
[2] Line the inside waterline with a white coloured eyeliner such as MAC Fascinating Kohl which will be more dramatic but cheat the illusion that the white of the eye is 1mm larger from a distance. Shu Uemura has a great double ended pencil which is matte white and on the other end metallic white.

[3] Line the inside waterline with an icy pastel powder blue coloured eyeliner which will be cool in tone but cheat the illusion that the white of the eye is crisper and blue/white less discoloured or yellowish from a distance. Just before you reach the end of the inside waterline [towards the outer edge] break the line with a dash of white. This will create a more open effect as it results in a liner 'gap'

[4] Curl Lashes and define the eye with a top lid eyeliner but make the line slightly fuller towards the centre of the eye,resulting in a rounder eye effect.

[5] Rememeber pale, satin, metallic and glosses on the eyelid 'pull' the eye forward optically so this will also enhance the desired effect.

[6] Apply a false lash section insert to the outer 1/3 of the eye to lift and open the expression of the eye.

Paul Poiret moments

In 1910 Sergei Diaghilev's Russian ballet became hugely influential in fashion. Influenced by the styles of the ballet, Paul Poiret created designs based on the ballet costumes and these took London by storm. This had a definite influence on make-up and clothes. Tattooing became especially popular among society ladies and many a society hostess had lips, pink blushes and dark eyebrows permanently needled in.

Paul Poiret (20 April 1879, Paris, France - 30 April 1944, Paris) was a French fashion designer. His contributions to twentieth-century fashion have been likened to Picasso's contributions to twentieth-century art.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Round of Applause

Man-e-cure, manicure polish for men, leaves a subtle, matte finish, for a natural look. Toluene and Formaldehyde-free, this polish gives the appearance of well groomed nails, a necessity for professional men.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Old fashioned values

I love a good old fashioned chemist to explore. Its in the DNA of a Professional Make Up Artist. If you haven't already found this gem explore it today! John Bell & Croyden. This pharmacy has the privilege of holding the Royal Warrant as Pharmacists to Her Majesty The Queen.The store is situated on the corner of Welbeck Street and Wigmore Street, close to Harley Street, the medical centre of excellence in the UK.
52-54 Wigmore St
London, W1U 2AU
020 7935 5555

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Legendary Icons: Veruschka

There are many amazing people I have had the great fortune to meet and paint in this crazy job of Make-up Artist. One of the most amazing is Veruschka who I had the privilege to meet and do make-up on for Boudicca catwalk. For the show she had tiny ice blue lights [attached to a battery pack] fixed to her ears...only in the fashion industry! Viva Veruschka.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Hey Pigeon Tips

Nails inspired by London skies and Pigeons. Barry M Nail Colour 293.Add a silver platinum tip for a contemporary twist.

Blackstage secret!

OK so I tested the MAC Smolder, MAC Ebony, MAC Graphblack, Bobbi Brown Black pencil eyeliner and JKMS Define Stayput eyeliner in Pitch. I asked students to swatch, smudge and hold under running water to see which was most durable and gripped. The winner....Pitch by Jemma Kidd Make Up School! This really is a great black pencil and when I was in Texas I met loads of women who swore by it...try it you will be impressed!