Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Make Up Artistry Legends

To the next generation of budding artists...look to those who have stood before you. Learn from your heritage. Legends.

Way Bandy
Guy Bourdin
Richard Sharah
Pablo Manzoni
Serge Lutens

La Roche Posay

The Formulation Charter established by La Roche-Posay Laboratoire Pharmaceutique guarantees products with optimum skin tolerance and minimum secondary effects.

Non-comedogenic and purified, La Roche-Posay treatments are designed to avoid saturating the skin with superfluous active ingredients and to deliver their healing action to the very core of the epidermis.

For La Roche-Posay Laboratoire, the formulation stage is anchored in selecting the raw materials to be used. Those raw materials whose intolerance risks (allergies included) cannot be evaluated and those whose tolerance is not optimal are not used.

Each La Roche-Posay treatment is formulated with a La Roche-Posay
Thermal Spring Water base.
.The choice of raw materials is based on rigorous criteria of innocuousness and analytical grade, and knowledge acquired over time.
.A minimum of ingredients is used and unnecessary ingredients are discarded.
.Associations of active ingredients are limited and complex combinations are avoided.
.Only perfumed compositions that do not contain raw materials with known allergy potential are used. .Microbiological purity is ensured by means of hygienic packaging (sterile doses, cannula tubes, etc.) and by preservatives with an optimum balance of effectiveness and innocuousness.
.Microbiological tests are carried out at different stages of production.
.The content of formulas is clearly presented in a complete list of ingredients on the packaging...
.An expiry date indicated on the products ensures their freshness.

If you want to stay young....SPF! Simple sense.

My Favourite,La Roche Posay Hydraphase XL Legere developed to meet the expectations of dermatologists, providing a daily intensive re-hydration as well as the highest protection against daily-UVA rays, present all year round and responsible for the premature ageing of the skin. Contains Mexoryl XL. Daily Anti-UVA protection: a very high level of protection, effective throughout the day to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and sun spots. SPF 15 – UVA (IPD 40-PPD 12). Hydraphase XL is formulated with LA Roche-Posay Thermal Water, rich in selenium and with anti-radical properties. - 1.35oz. / 40ml.

Korres Face primer - lovin' it! +No Silicone!!!

A silicone-free, 99 percent natural, antioxidant-rich face primer that creates the perfect canvas for makeup application.

What it does:
Rich in skin-soothing botanicals and Vitamin E, this 99 percent natural formula refines skin texture without silicone, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces pore size. Your skin will be primed and ready for a makeup application.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Silicone
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Mineral Oils
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs

Art School Nails

Secret ingredient...Acrylic can make any colour from Coraline Turquoise to the limits of your imagination.In order for the acrylic to stay on your nails, you have to first do a layer of Base Coat, and then the acrylic paint, and then a top coat over it. Get painting!

Discovery -Epicuren Enzyme Moisturiser

I am a loyal La Roche Posay skincare fan but from time to time I like to vary and try new products into my skincare regime. This is my new find. Watch this space. Epicuren is an interesting line ;)

The Twilight Edward Cullen Lip


* Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin (they used this colour on all the Cullen's)
* Noriko Cranberry Lip Balm

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Stateside....Reloving Revlon!

If you know someone popping into Target or CVS get them to grab you Revlon's Illuminance Creme Shadow Not Just Nudes..this is a great palette of creme shadow naked skin tones.Couple more matte, couple frosted.

Illamasqua Milf Nail Laquer.....catch it if you can

MAC Watch.....The Perfect Porcelain Cheek

Be sure to grab this matte blush when it hits the stores! The Perfect Cheek [Matte]
Available September 09 MAC/Richard Phillips Line

Now you all know I love a sharply tailored brow....

Im loving..Shavata Brow Tamer and its odd little synthetic comb brush.
The Brow Tamer is the first click-and-twist clear gel mascara pen that is perfect for taming and styling unruly eyebrows. The Brow Tamer is ideal for on the go brow tidying. A makeup bag must have.

That Mr Horne loves garnets...shiny sparkly garnets

Hollywood has spoken and seen red,,,

There is a man in Hollywood called Drew. He is unusual. Slightly pale. He has distinctive tastes and somewhat unorthadox creative digits. However he is friendly. Do not be alarmed. He also has a good sense of colour and smell. He has shared his love of red for you. Trust him.

MAC Reel red cream colour base
MAC Nightmoth lip liner in corners of mouth

The Magnificient Linda Mason

I was in NYC, the weather was horrendous. It was pouring rain, but I was on a quest. A quest to find the Linda Mason shop. I found salvation there creatively one wet and wonderful afternoon, and a vision with yellow orange hair entertained my cosmetic investigations. It was Linda. And she was magnificent. Truly creative. To makeup what Westwood is to clothes. Discover her. x

Linda Mason
26 Grand Street Gr Fl.
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212 625-0490

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Timeless Loren

Just as good today as then :)

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dolores del good and a MAC Lippy!

Next time you are at the MAC Shop check out Del Rio...a classic!

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Lessons in lateness and greatness

Life can be stressful running between A and B, take a lesson from Dovima and just strike a glide.

Sing along with Isaac

SS10 Hue Inspirations

Old haunts of a make up artist

Terry Barber [Director of Make up Artistry at MAC now]and I used to love the South Molton Drug store [years ago] and many a time we were late back to Selfridges caught up in discount baskets discovering cheap cult make up items which we would risk employment for! Sadly it moved years ago from its original South Molton street location...but here it now rests...go and crunch fun!
South Molton Drug Store
583 Roman Road
London, E3 5EL
020 8981 5040

Super Seaweed

Kelp (laminaria), a large leafy algae, grows along cold climate coastlines and can bring a healthy glow to skin. Kelp powder has exfoliating properties that make it a great addition to a facial mask. It increases blood circulation and stimulates lymph production to eliminate toxins. It's also a mineral-rich body scrub for removing surface impurities

Please watch this...Evolution[cp-documentid=7049579]/

Keeping a check on reality

Super nudes

Georgio Armani Beauty Lip Wax #1 - Nude beige – a shade lighter than the natural lip color

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Did you know...

Good old Bicarbonate of Soda mixed with your regular facial cleanser makes a fantastic exfoliant and will give your skin a great refinishing pamper! Give it a try!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Flora moments

Check this out by the creativity of Chinyee Chu...she is one creative lady and my best took her nanoseconds.

Red Alert

Having decided to explore every red lipstick on the market here are my favourites

MAC Ruby Woo
MAC Lady Danger
MAC Russian Red
MAC Diva
MAC Viva Glam 1
NARS Jungle red
NARS Red Lizard
NARS Shanghai Express
NARS Fire Down Below
NARS Diablo pot gloss
Jemma Kidd Sophia
Estee Lauder Classic Red

If you just buy one classic red to get the Vintage Glamour look then I would opt for Viva Glam 1 by MAC as the proceeds go to charity. The perfect deep blood cherry red is Sophia by Jemma Kidd which also has a balm on the other end to dilute and sheer.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Super nudes

Perfect Rouge, created by Shiseido Makeup Artistic Director Dick Page, brings together Shiseido's powerful skincare and cutting-edge color technologies to create the ultimate, luxurious lipstick with clear, true color and a rich full looking finish.
Spiced Cream BE109

Classic Glamour Manicure

If you want that perfect glamour sharp manicure you can't really beat the heritage that is the House of Chanel. LOVE Le Vernis Nail Colour 475 Dragon.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

If I can't go to Make Up School...

Get a great book and this is one of the best!

Professional Hygiene standards need to improve - Read on

As a professional make-up artist it is important we strive to be continuously better in our technical skills, our creative knowledge, and our professional practices. Kit hygiene and backstage hygiene ettiquette are areas which need dramatic improvement from what I see backstage on an ongoing basis. Join me and CEO of Antonia Hawke in making that change. Day by day.Face by Face. Country by Country.
We believe that change is necessary. Don't be left behind.

Please review Safe Beauty - Inform and Educate yourself and make positive change tomorrow.

The fantastic Phyllis Cohen

Best eyebrow brush...Illamasqua by Alex Box

Love it! Fuzzy felt feathery lashes

No to lash extensions - yes to fuzzy felt looking lashes.
Lashes in a bottle! Lash extender by Divaderme: Professional age-defying triple action formula instantly and dramatically lengthens, adds volume and strengthens your lashes. Fortified with vitamin E, this unique treatment delivers longer, fuller, thicker, healthier lashes in seconds. Simply apply inbetween coats of your favorite mascara.
Apply wet mascara, coat wet lash with lash extender and seal with wet mascara. Allow to dry. You will get addicted in minutes to the glamour.

Best highlighting radiance...

Dewy Glow Creme Radiance by Jemma Kidd Make up School.Cold effect - 'Ice Gold', Sunkissed effect'Warm Gold'[]

These ladies are great! Go watch immediately.

The best gadget....Shu Uemura Lash Applicator

The best lipbalm.....

Random Mutterings....

To get a true idea of my random influences you need to know I lived in Soho for many years. 72 Old Compton Street. The epicentre of creativity then and now with Justin Smith bespoke Millinery now flying the flag for that place. Oh poor Mr Melinek the landlord he never really knew the heartbeat of his building!. So I am a make up artist. I teach it, live it, create it, mix it, paint it and my proudest statement is that I protect the craft by training the next generation to excruciating technical level. They cannot be lazy even if modern production becomes so. High definition is a welcome return to make up that has to be good. This is the time when excellence counts again. And if you aren't going to be excellent at something don't do it. Someone I truly respect once said to me lower the bar! Strive less. She may as well have spoken to me in fluent alien. Chanel got it right when she said 'When I can no longer create then I will be done for' smart she was a true visionary creative. I feel pride when I see novice make up artists triumph. They are the future. If I can be a catalyst for their successes to come…that is a lifetime well spent. Stop reading this and go do it!

Experience is the key to knowledge

• 20 years Professional Make-up artistry experience
• 13 years Professional Training and Education experience
• Qualified Academic Teacher since 2002 Graduate of London College of Fashion
• PgCert Teaching Art & Design - Distinction Award
• Director of Education at Jemma Kidd Make Up School
• Substantial cosmetic brand development and retail experience
• Floor judge at Professional Beauty Awards Make up Specialist of the year 2009
• Educator of The Clothes Show Young Make up Artist of the year Winner 2009
• MAC Business Manager
• MAC PRO Store Manager
• MAC Artist Relations Manager
• MAC Artist Training & Development Manager UK, Germany, Switzerland.
• Alexander McQueen / Catwalk
• Amerada Energy / Advertorial
• A Midsummer Nights Dream - Barbican / Theatre Performance
• Arkadius / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Anna Sui / Personal Make up for Sui Dreams Fragrance launch
• Ben Sherman / Advertorial
• Boudicca / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Calvin Klein / Catwalk & UK Store Launch
• Cannon Design For Life Aids Benefit / Catwalk
• Carlos Miele / Catwalk
• Christoforos Kotentos [Key MUA]
• David Fielden / Catwalk
• Elton John Aids Foundation Bring home a Barbie Ball / Catwalk
• Evisu / Catwalk
• Hardy Amies / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Iceberg / Showroom Catwalk Show [Key MUA]
• Jakob Kimmie / Catwalk
• Jean Pierre Braganza / Catwalk
• Joe Casely Hayford / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Joop / London/ Showroom Catwalk [Key MUA]
• J Smith Esq Millinery / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• J W Anderson / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Julien Macdonald / Catwalk
• Lacroix Bazaar / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Louis Ferraud / Showroom Catwalk Show [Key MUA]
• Macmillan / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Maska / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Marjan - Djodov Pejoski / Catwalk
• Marks and Spencer / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Mrs Jones/ Catwalk
• Oguri / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Omnia by Mark Whittaker / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• On/Off Presents / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Paul Costelloe / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• People Corporation / Catwalk
• Robert Carey Williams / Catwalk
• Roland Mouret / Catwalk
• Sado / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Seraph / Catwalk
• Shelly Fox / Catwalk
• Skin Jewellery / J .Maskrey / Catwalk
• Uniqlo/ Advertorial
• Balenciaga / Catwalk
• Colette Dinnigan / Catwalk
• Enrica Massei / Catwalk
• Erotokritos / Advertorial
• Gaspard Yurkievich / Catwalk
• John Ribbe / Catwalk
• Lolita Lempicka / Catwalk
• Martine Sitbon / Catwalk
• Roberto de Villacis / Haute Couture [Key MUA]
• Christian Francis Roth / Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Clothes Show Live Fashion Theatre /Birmingham Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Clothes Show London [Key MUA/ Campaign]
• Prix Bolero/ Zurich Catwalk [Key MUA]
• Tommy Hilfiger / Hamburg Catwalk World Tour Launch [Key MUA]
• Alexsandra Byrne
• Charlie Green
• Linda Cantello
• Sharon Dowsett
• Sinden
• Val Garland
• Anna Friel
• Anna Sui
• Celine Dion
• Erin O Connor
• Eva Herzigova
• Jade Parfitt
• Karolina Kurkova
• Laura Bailey
• Sophie Dahl
• Tommy Hilfiger
• Veruschka

Mr Horne Tips n Tricks....When you apply a false lash make sure that you apply it to define and flatter the eye by positioning it to elevate the eye. If you position the lash too far to the edge of the eyelid, and the eye is downturned it will make the eye have a drooped effect. Be sure the lift of the last lash is correct. Generally it is best to move the lash in a few mm from the lid outer edge. Most of my students struggle on this one and then when they realise they are gluing too far over it all makes sense and the eyes improve dramatically.

Make up by that Mr Horne : Photography Patrick Ryan