Saturday, 18 July 2009

Random Mutterings....

To get a true idea of my random influences you need to know I lived in Soho for many years. 72 Old Compton Street. The epicentre of creativity then and now with Justin Smith bespoke Millinery now flying the flag for that place. Oh poor Mr Melinek the landlord he never really knew the heartbeat of his building!. So I am a make up artist. I teach it, live it, create it, mix it, paint it and my proudest statement is that I protect the craft by training the next generation to excruciating technical level. They cannot be lazy even if modern production becomes so. High definition is a welcome return to make up that has to be good. This is the time when excellence counts again. And if you aren't going to be excellent at something don't do it. Someone I truly respect once said to me lower the bar! Strive less. She may as well have spoken to me in fluent alien. Chanel got it right when she said 'When I can no longer create then I will be done for' smart she was a true visionary creative. I feel pride when I see novice make up artists triumph. They are the future. If I can be a catalyst for their successes to come…that is a lifetime well spent. Stop reading this and go do it!

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