Monday, 31 August 2009

Lashings of Mascara

OK so I don't know anyone who has found the ultimate mascara...but if you have let me know and for now Im liking Max Factor False Lash Effect.


Volumising: Builds the lashes to make them look fuller and thicker. In most cases the brush has dense bristles ensuring each individual eyelash is coated from root to tip.

Lasting Tint: Ultra lightweight, water-resistant lash colour that resists smudge or flake for up to 24 hours.

Lengthening: Extends the lashes making them look longer. Lengthening mascaras contain plastic polymers that cling just to the tips of the lashes to exaggerate the lash length.

Curling: Lifts and curls the lashes, making the eyes look more ‘wide-awake’. The brush may have multi-level bristles that helps create curlier looking lashes. The lash formula may set to ‘tighten’ the lash inducing a curl effect.

Defining: Separates the lashes giving them more definition. The effect to the lashes is more natural and subtle. Usually a stiffer brush or a comb with wide spaced bristles create definition and ensure separation of the lashes.

Glossy: Lifts, lengthens, and separates lashes. Lashes stay silky, pliant, clump free and flake free through multiple coats. Mascara applied evenly, ash root to tip.

Sensitive: Suitable for contact lens wearers or those with highly sensitive eyes. Formulated to be specifically non-irritating and may state Ophthalmologist approved or tested.

Waterproof: Formulated not to run in water, so ideal for water activities and bridal. Requires an oil based remover to ease removal of application.

High Definition: 2 in 1 style wand. Brush contains bristles and comb. Brush-side coats with dramatic, long-wearing colour. Comb-side separates to perfection. Transforms each and every lash with extreme length and definition.

Lash build Primer: Thickens and lengthens lashes. Conditions to make lashes stronger. Fortifies to extend mascara wear.

Clear: Transparent to set lash without colour. Can impart a glossy shine effect.

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  1. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara - brilliant. Love the Intense Black!