Monday, 10 August 2009


Sensimacy. Sensuality + Intimacy. The intimation of a moment where your surroundings embrace your senses. An intimate, selfless indulgence. Embrace the art of the fragrant.

Once I chased an elusive scent. The scent of the last raindrop that was formed and crafted of natures temperemental outburst that falls from the skies. Curious. Odd. Unexpected. I am a lover of the scent of rain. Rain is my sensimacy.

I also once had a conversation with a remarkable visionary Frank Toskan [CoFounder of MAC Cosmetics] and he told me he was chasing a scent,, a scent of electricity. This caught my imagination immediately. How would electricity smell. Mixtures of earth and elemental fragments. An electrical storm dangerous between current and water. That is the scent in a MAC Product that they still make today. Go find it.