Sunday, 9 August 2009

Make up Techniques: Eye Openers

To make the eyes appear larger there are several techinques you can employ:

[1] Line the inside waterline with a flesh coloured eyeliner such as Jemma Kidd I Perfector which will eradicate the inner pinkness to the waterline and create a more open effect. Painterly MAC Paintpot also works brilliantly but this placement is not the true purpose of the product,however that never stops a make-up artist if the effect is warranted.
[2] Line the inside waterline with a white coloured eyeliner such as MAC Fascinating Kohl which will be more dramatic but cheat the illusion that the white of the eye is 1mm larger from a distance. Shu Uemura has a great double ended pencil which is matte white and on the other end metallic white.

[3] Line the inside waterline with an icy pastel powder blue coloured eyeliner which will be cool in tone but cheat the illusion that the white of the eye is crisper and blue/white less discoloured or yellowish from a distance. Just before you reach the end of the inside waterline [towards the outer edge] break the line with a dash of white. This will create a more open effect as it results in a liner 'gap'

[4] Curl Lashes and define the eye with a top lid eyeliner but make the line slightly fuller towards the centre of the eye,resulting in a rounder eye effect.

[5] Rememeber pale, satin, metallic and glosses on the eyelid 'pull' the eye forward optically so this will also enhance the desired effect.

[6] Apply a false lash section insert to the outer 1/3 of the eye to lift and open the expression of the eye.


  1. Great tips, especially no 3. Thanks for that.

  2. I can vouch for the efficacy of no 3! Great ideas!!!

  3. I have MAC Painterly - and I've never thought to use it in my waterline. I always line my waterline in black. I'm going to give it a try and let you know! Thanks :)